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Choose 6 sekitoris (Makuuchi only) plus 2 substitutes that go up or down as many as possible in the next 6 Banzukes (between Haru 2018 and Hatsu 2019)

The order will be affected by the factors 10,9,8,7,6,5

To notice:

In the current Banzuke Hakuho is in position 1 and Daiamami is in position 42.
Calculations will be made considering these positions (Juryo varies between 43 and 70)

Only Makuuchi Banzuke and Juryo Banzuke will be considered.
So if any of the chosen fall to Makushita, it will be as if they were always in Ms1e.

It is necessary, to score, that each member of the team participates in every day of each basho.
Thus, if there is a fault, he will be replaced by the first substitute and will not be able to return.

The second case will be replaced by the second substitute.

From the 3rd case the replacement will be automatic:
The first player to do so will receive the first element of the respective Juryo Banzuke that has not been chosen by any of the players.

The second to which this happens will receive the second element ... and so on

Shukun - sho: More points in a single basho.
Gino - sho: More points on the worst basho.
Kanto - sho: More average points obtained by substitutes.
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