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FAWL • Natsu basho 2016 invitation

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FAWL • Natsu basho 2016 invitation

Beitragvon Fuheika » 2. Mai 2016 23:42

Hello dear Fawlers,

I remembered yesterday (May, 1st) that next Sunday will be the start of the Natsu basho.

So, this is the official post to invite all of you. :-)

I've updated the form and uploaded it. You can enter your picks. You are welcome to play ! Good luck !

(as usual, banzuke might follow soon ^^")

To play ► (if you see any mistakes, report it here, I'll fix it quickly, thanks)

Stay tuned ! :stomp
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Re: FAWL • Natsu basho 2016 invitation

Beitragvon shimodahito » 3. Mai 2016 03:34

I am playing FAWL for the first time...
hope you can join TORCH next year!
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